Smart Tips for Choosing the Best HDMI Cables


HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables make it possible to connect several media sources such as game consoles and cable boxes to televisions and other gadgets that can project or play audio or video. They help to transmit the high definition information in digital format, thus leading to enhanced quality of picture on video and television screens. It is essential to choose the best quality cable to get good results. Shopping for HDMI cables is not a complicated task, but there are some things you should stay aware of. Here are few quick tips to help you select the right cable.

Check the Requirements of Your Equipment

Checking what the requirements of your equipment are the first step to be taken before buying a HDMI cable. Check the manual of your HDTV as well as the device from which you are outputting in order to determine the kind of cable that would best suit your requirements. In case the 2 devices are different, select the earliest version of HDMI.

Select the Right Cable Length

Ensure to measure what the distance between your cables is. The strength of signal weakens as the cable length increases, thus affecting the high definition video quality and audio quality. If the cable is longer, you are likely to go through more glitches like video and audio not being in sync, spotty audio and static. Cables up to around 50 feet length can be used without any considerable effect on signal. As a thumb rule, position the devices within around 10 – 15 feet of one another so that there’s no problem with the quality of HDMI cable transmission.

 Consider Your Needs for an Optimal Visual Experience

Consider what your personal needs are for an optimal visual experience. Different HDMI cables result in different kinds of outputs. For instance, HDMI cable version 1.3 is known for its ability to generate deeper and richer colors and high audio quality. Though it really does not make a considerable difference in the viewing experience for few people, it does matter a lot for those who prefer more clarity in their movies or games.

Organize Your Cables

If the HDMI ports on your monitor or television have already attained its maximum capacity for accommodating cables, then it would be wise to purchase a HDMI switcher, which permits for multiple cables to be linked to the device, which is in turn linked to the TV.

Opt for a Cable with Gold Plated Tips

Selecting a cable with gold plated tips will make sure that you receive an uninterrupted signal supply since gold is undoubtedly one of the best conductors.  Though gold tipped cables may cost only a little more, they are worth the extra cost. Finally, don’t forget to check all the specifications carefully and also ensure it supports full 1080 HD.

Selecting a HDMI cable need not be a hard decision. With the advancements in technology, it is easy to buy a good quality cable at an affordable price.