DIY Guide to Make Cool E-covers Quickly and Efficiently


In today’s digital age, most things are done electronically. With the advent of computers, printers, and advanced software, it is easy to accomplish various tasks.  Electronics are on the rise and there are several different devices, which are used by people all across the globe.

Many times, you may want to decorate various things like your notebook, laptop, CD covers, diary covers, and various others. There are various software programs like Photoshop and GIMP, which can help you in designing the graphics, but they require expertise for using them. Online applications like provide infrastructure to do all kinds of designing in a very user-friendly manner. You can select the kind of cover you want to make (e.g. CD Cover, Diary Cover and others) and then slowly precede with the design to generate the best benefits. You can select inbuilt images, upload images, choose templates, and customize them to the utmost level. The advantage is that with a click of button, you can generate high quality graphics.

Certain features and services are offered free, but some users need to pay. However, the cost is well worth it. You will be surprised about how quickly and efficiently the software is able to generate deliverables as per your best satisfaction level. The upgraded version of the tool also provides you the ability to generate 3D covers and does the job very well. It can be done quickly within few minutes. These services are also offered on some other websites, but the charges are very random and may compel the user to shell out a lot of money.

Some of the objects that you can cover for are – Hardback Standing Left / Straight, Hardcover Jacket / Stack, HDTV Front, Left or Right, iMac Left or Right and iPad Horizontal Left, and many more. All these can be designed simply on the browser without downloading any extra software and overloading your machine. The account can be accessed from anywhere by simply logging in and the facility is like a cloud service with all its benefits. You can even make posters and flyers quickly by specifying the dimensions and overall designs. The inbuilt tools and features can help you prepare them quickly without much hassle. What is interesting here is that you don’t really need to think a lot about the design; the tool is available to guide you through. It will give you several design options to choose from and also suggest you viable options.

Now, just dump the worries and resort to using this tool. You can make all the covers that you ever wanted and that too at a very attractive price in a very short span of time. Other users are drool over the product and utilizing it to the maximum potential. Your efficiency and productivity can be enhanced a lot with this and if you are a corporate using this tool, then you can avail other benefits too.