Understanding Spurred Demand for PG Accommodation Across Major Indian Cities


    Education has become a top priority requirement in the country like India. After the golden era following with years of slavery, eventually now the free India understands the power of education. Here it all starts with primary education followed by secondary studies and ends up with higher education.

    Emergence of More Universities is Creating Greater Accommodation Demand

    These days, parents from various regions display sporadic views about the study planning of the adolescents, but anyways the top universities of the country have always flocked in the admission seasons. Most of the top class universities not only have lavish infrastructure, but the troop of extraordinary faculties also adds zest to the educational quality of the organization. And, with rise in number of universities, the demand for student hostels, and PG accommodations has also gone up radically.

    India has been known for its best teachers across the globe. The best part is that the official language in Indian universities is English; as a result numerous foreign students also aspire to study in India as the hindrance of vernacular languages is not a big deal.

    Tier-1 Cities are Growing Radically

    Most of the reputed educational institutes are found in the tier 1 cities of the country like Allahabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Vellore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi.

    Current Scene in Metro Cities like Mumbai and Chennai

    Among all the colleges the institutes in Mumbai are classified for its high class infrastructure and staff. It was previously renowned as University of Bombay which has a prominent benchmark in the educational realm of India. It’s certified by NAAC which is the top most certification in the country. However the university also supplies a good hostel facility but many students who come from various locations also prefer the top hostels and PGs in Mumbai. As the paying guest accommodations grants certain liberty than hostels, where students can move out after the college hours and perform some part time assignments to earn their pocket money, the demand of such options are going up with each passing day.

    Another renowned university is the Anna University. It’s known for the top level technical education accredited by AICTE and UGC.UGC is a university with five star status.

    Kerala and Karnataka Aren’t Far Behind Either!

    Many UGC affiliated top universities are also established at Karnataka and Kerala. Bangalore is a city meant for the hub of technical colleges. The colleges are not only popular for best faculty members but also known for graceful infrastructures. But the ease of finding a paying guest accommodation in Bangalore encourage many students to carry out their living here in cheaper rate.

    Things are Only Going to Get Better in 2017

    Almost all the institutions in the country hold their special USP as a result every year the top reputed colleges are flooded with promising students. Each and every college has their own selection process identical to each other. The entry process also displays the rapport of the college. These days the colleges are not only having focused on education and infrastructure but also primarily emphasize placements.

    Therefore, after a long awaited new political party at the center, the hopes of the parents and students have also gone up to paramount. Let’s hope for the best and wish for a bright future to Indian students, and easy availability of PG and hostel accommodations at modest prices.