3 Tips to Create the Best Selling Ecovers with the Help of Ecover Templates


Using ecover templates is certainly the easiest way to create ecover for you digital products. It is a well-known fact that people like things that are visually available. People receive over 90 percent of the information through their eyes. For instance, if you enter a bookshop, you decide on the book by its outlook. And it is very same even in the world of digital products. People require visual impression in order to feel more comfortable while buying ebook, audio, software or video materials.

And in case you don’t wish to hire a professional ecover creator or designer there is a vast range of tools, which offer ecover templates that can be used to carry out the work like ecover creators, Photoshop action scripts, ecover generators, and many more. This article talks about a few tips, which will help you to create an ecover to attract people and convince them to buy or download your product.

Three major steps to create an attractive ecover from the ecover templates

1) Make Sure to Pick Images Carefully

Pick a picture, which expresses the content and your ebook’s message in the best possible way. Make sure that the images you choose fit and complement each other well. Avoid too many colors as that can be quite overwhelming. Do all the necessary editing like changing color, resizing, crop image, and transforming.

2) Choose Appropriate Text Format and Font

When it comes to ecovers, the title and list of your products is very crucial. The title is very important and a must for your ecover. The titles should mostly be short and correctly describe what exactly your content is. And it is considered ideal to place it on top of the ecover templates. A better visual effect can be created if you increase the font size and use the right font, which perfectly fits your product. There are plenty of websites available from where fonts can be downloaded for free. And to give the final touch, you can use some special effects like adding shadow so that your ecover looks more elegant and professional.

The list of selling point in your ecover gives convenience to all your visitors and allows them to make the purchase very easily. And for this particular part, it is important that you choose simple and smaller font. You can also add bullet points and few other special effects.

Tip 1- Never align text to the center as it looks very unprofessional and messed up.

Tip 2- Check if the image you created looks good and also the text is well readable or not even in the thumbnail size.

3) Pick the Right Color

In order to pick the right color and come up with the right combination, you should very well show the effect of each color on people. It all depends on the color you choose, how you use it, and how you combine it with the other colors.